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INS Ltd had been an official agent of MKS Instruments Inc. which is a global company in semiconductor field in U.S. since Jan.2002 untill May.2016.
For 14years, we have served over 900 companiese and Univ. that are specialized in vacuum, flat panel display, phamaceutical & medical, solar & energy etc.
Since ending MKS official agent contract, we became an official agent of INFICON and AERA instead of MKS equipment as a replacement.

We have also MESA Labs(Drycal), FLOM(HPLC), AdNaNo(UHV equipment), KYZEN(Cybersolv Cleaner) etc.
INSLTD always focuses on our client's needs. We respond promptly to our customer's concerns and do this with passion based on the trust.
If you want to distribute your products in South Korea through INSLTD, please feel free to contact us.
We have 10 years of experiences and distribution channel and accumulated.
INSLTD always try to not only provide satisfaction to manufacturers and customers but also meets your requirements.


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